Equipment Installations

Before an equipment installation takes place it is of the utmost importance that a proper assessment of your print space be carried out. This will help us to plan ahead and flag any issues prior to equipment arriving at your print shop. While most equipment installation are straight forward like flash cure units and stencil exposure units where customers can simply connect power and commence using the equipment, carousel printers will require more planning with regard to power and space requirements but we have this part well covered as you get access to a complete M&R shop floor planner which is designed to help you optimise positioning of equipment for efficient production processes.


Most mechanical equipment needs servicing and maintenance at some point and keeping equipment maintained and serviced regularly will mean less production downtime for your shop. Rawtech Solutions provides our customers with comprehensive servicing and maintenance for all shop equipment. We are M&R factory trained technicians who ensure installation, maintenance and servicing is carried out to the required specifications.

Advice and training

We are happy to provide you with accurate advice regarding your equipment needs and we can tailor product solutions to match the capability of your print shop. Additionally we can provide training on M&R printing equipment to ensure you get the most from your investment.