Raw Tech Solutions led by Donovan Sendall provides textile printing businesses in Australia with innovative equipment solutions for printing hardware and process improvement systems. With over 20 years combined experience running printing businesses and supplying equipment to Australian textile printers, Rawtech Solutions imparts a deep understanding of textile printing requirements and focuses on providing the local industry with quality tailored equipment solutions.

Our Vision


At Raw Tech Solutions we love screen printing and strive to make screen printing great again.

Our approach to achieving this goal is to provide local textile printers with the best equipment and service solutions for efficiency improvements that are designed by screen printers for screen printers. We view our clients success as an integral factor to our success and our innovative approach to providing equipment that's well designed and built for a specific purpose that will ensure our customers can continue to produce quality products with confidence in their equipment choices.

Company Profile


Raw Tech Solutions provides complete printing equipment packages to Australian textile screen printers looking to upgrade their existing equipment or simply purchase additional hardware for their print shop. We stand behind the quality of our equipment and take pride in the value of passing on years of textile printing knowledge and know how to make it easy for our customers to keep on printing. Our services include installation and initial equipment setup, training and after sales technical support and servicing all carried out by our properly trained technician. This ensures installations run smoothly with minimal interruption to our customers production schedules.